Step by step on making healthy dessert-Taste of Autumn

In this autumn season, we would like to share a healthy dessert recipe that is created with the combinations of purple sweet potato and pumpkin.

With the contrast of these two colors, purple and orange-yellow, the dessert not only provide a great appetite for our visual, it also supply our body with the necessary nutrients.

Pumpkin is known as rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also low in calorie that makes it a weight-loss-friendly food. While the purple sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps to protect the liver and lower our blood pressure. 

Here is our recipe for this incredible healthy food:

Dessert name: 

秋天的味道 | 紫薯南瓜杯- Taste of autumn | Purple sweet potato and pumpkin duo


Pumpkin -150gram

Water- 80 gram

White sugar- 30gram

Bay leaves - 1 piece

Cinnamon - 1 pieces (1cm length)

Cornstarch- 10 gram

Purple sweet potato- 200gram

Milk - 80 to 100 gram

Sugar for pumpkin- 30 gram

Sugar for purple sweet potato- 10gram

Frozen meringue- 1 slice/ set

Black pepper - abit 

Poppy seed or sesame- abit 

Salt- abit

Beaten Egg - 1 piece

Step 1: Slice and steam the pumpkin.

pumpkin slices

Step 2: Blend the cooked pumpkin and water into food blender. Pour it out once fully blended, add bay leaves and cinnamon stick in the mix when it's still hot. Remove bay leaves and cinnamon stick after 30 minutes infusion.

pumpkin paste

Step 3: Add sugar, cornstarch into milk. Keep stirring the mixture under small fire until it becomes viscous. Sieve the mixture. Pour the pumpkin into the milk and mix well. The pumpkin paste is done.


Step 4: Steam the purple sweet potato and purée it by blender. Add some milk into the blender while it still blending. The proportional of milk adjust accordingly with the starchiness of the sweet potato. Use a kitchen colander to sieve out the blend/mixture to maintain the smooth texture of a sweet potato purée.

Food Science:

Purée is the simplest deconstructed version for purple sweet potato, with the blending force to crush its tissues, break apart its cells, and mix cell innards with fragments of the cell’s walls. The fluids version of the original state is due to the high water content of the cells.

And also, the thickening powers of the cell-wall carbohydrates, which bind up water molecules and get entangled with each other. Steaming is an effective way to weaken the cell walls of purple sweet potato. 

purple sweet potato

Step 5: Slice the frozen puff pastry (ready-to-use), sprinkle with black pepper and salt. Layer 3 slices and twist it. Brush with beaten eggs and add some poppy seeds. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

Food Science:

Puff pastry is best known by its French name: pâte feuilletée, is made of unleavened dough without rising agents like other laminated baked foods.

The fats in these puff pastry not just provides a good structure and texture, it also helps to separate many thin dough layers from each other. This helps to protect the starch granules from gelatinization. The water content in the dough vaporizes and generate steam which expands but cannot pass the coagulated gluten network within the layers of dough and causes the rise of the puff pastry.

With variation combinations of folds during making puff pastry, different layers can be obtained and observed under the microscope. 

sweet potato and pumpkin duo

Step 6:

Cool down the pumpkin paste and sweet potato purée inside the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Use piping bag to pour out the paste and purée inside the serving cup.

Add freshly peeled figs and lemon balm leaves. Voila, this delicious and healthy dessert is ready to serve.

Food Science:

Pour the sweet potato purée along the wall of the cup first, as it has a higher viscosity that can stick to the inner wall of the glass.Subsequently, the less viscous pumpkin paste can dance in the rest of the space, which presents the best outlook.

sweet potato and pumpkin duo


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