Overcoming challenges in procuring laboratory products: How ANR helps our customers

In the realm of scientific research, the procurement of lab products is a critical and often complex task. At ANR, we understand the unique challenges our customers face when purchasing laboratory materials. Here are some common problems encountered and how our services provide effective solutions:

Challenges Faced by Our Customers:

Import or Use Qualification:

Problem: Navigating the stringent regulatory requirements for importing chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory materials can be daunting in Singapore. Ensuring that these materials meet local and international standards for safe use adds another layer of complexity.

Our Solution: We streamline the qualification process by leveraging our expertise in regulatory compliance. With our Safety Assurance License and Hazardous Substance License, we handle all necessary documentation and ensure that all materials meet the required standards, thereby saving our customers valuable time and effort.


Problem: Transporting sensitive materials, especially chemicals and reagents, poses significant risks. Issues such as contamination, leakage, and regulatory compliance during transit must be carefully managed.

Our Solution: We partner with reliable logistics providers who specialize in the transportation of laboratory materials. Our team ensures that all shipments are securely packaged, correctly labeled, and comply with all transportation regulations to prevent any mishaps.

Temperature Control:

Problem: Our customer once encountered a problem where a chemical reagent could not be used due to the inability to maintain the required low temperature during transportation. We all know the special nature of chemical reagents, with some needing to be strictly controlled at temperatures between 2-8 degrees Celsius. Therefore, maintaining the correct temperature during the transport of such sensitive substances is particularly crucial. 

Our Solution: Our cold chain packaging partners can help us achieve this. The packaging and technology used in this type of transport represent the most effective temperature control techniques available. Moreover, ANR has conducted an experiment to verify this. We transported a bottle of liquid started at 6.1 degrees Celsius from China to Singapore over three days, and the final temperature measured was 6.3 degrees Celsius. This test highlights the effectiveness of specialized cold chain packaging in maintaining low temperatures, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our shipping service. Ensuring the integrity of bioreagents, biomolecules, and biological samples during cross-border shipping is crucial.

Fragility and Quality Assurance:

Problem: Our customer once purchased a thermostat with heating belt (100W) from manufacturers in China. However, during our quality inspection upon unboxing, we discovered that the goods were severely damaged during transportation. The thermostat's casing was cracked, and the plug was not compatible for use in Singapore, Additionally, it does not have Safety Mark electrical compliance which It doesn't meet Singapore safety usage standards.

Our Solution: We requested the supplier to promptly send 2 new thermostat cases and ensure a thorough quality check before dispatch. Additionally, our logistic partner replaced the fragile packaging to ensure the goods arrive in Singapore undamaged. Furthermore, our in-house engineer has not only fixed the broken cases, but also replaced the incompatible plugs with British standard plugs with Safety Marks to ensure safety for our customers.

Our Efforts to Assist

Procurement Expertise:

We offer a comprehensive procurement service that covers the entire process from sourcing to delivery. Our extensive network of trusted suppliers ensures that we can procure high-quality chemicals, reagents, consumables, and equipments.

Regulatory Compliance:

Our in-depth knowledge of international and local regulations allows us to manage the compliance-related issues effectively. We ensure that the imported materials meet the necessary qualifications, reducing the risk of regulatory hurdles for our customers.

Temperature Control Solutions:

We have the capability to implement rigorous temperature control protocols for storage and transportation. Our advanced monitoring systems provide real-time data, ensuring that materials are kept within required temperature ranges throughout the entire supply chain.

Fragility and Quality Assurance:

We understand the importance of quality assurance for fragile materials. Our quality control team meticulously inspects all fragile items to ensure they meet our high standards before they are delivered to our customers. This attention to detail helps prevent any disruptions in research caused by damaged or subpar materials.

Customer Support:

Our dedicated customer support team is here to address any concerns and provide assistance throughout every stage of the procurement process. From initial inquiries to after-sales support, we are committed to delivering exceptional service.

At ANR, our goal is to simplify the procurement process and mitigate the challenges faced by our customers. By providing expert procurement, customization, testing and publishing, we help researchers focus on what they do best. As we say- Freeing you to focus on science.