1. How to place an order in buy for lab and customization parts?

Ask for quotation

Request a quotation for your products. We will provide product specifications, quoted prices in SGD, delivery time and other details in the quotation.

Confirm your order

If you are interested in our products, you can send a purchase order (PO) or confirmation to us via email.


We will process your order immediately after order confirmation.


Validity of quotation is 30 days.


2. Payment Terms

For local customers: 

Payments Due Date: 30 Days upon submission of invoices / Negotiable. 

Payment Methods: GIRO / Cash / Cheque / Internet Transfer / Credit Cards / Paypal 

For oversea customer:

Payments due date: Advance payment may be required on case-by-case basis./ Negotiable.

Payment  methods: Credit Cards / Paypal


3. Delivery Method & Fees

For local customers:

-For order < SGD 200,delivery fee is SGD 20.

-For order >= SGD 200,delivery is free.

For oversea customers:

-We would contact you for further details.


4. Cancellation

Cancellation charges will be based on 90% of the total amount quoted.


5. Returns/Exchanges

If you found the item is damaged just when you get it, please contact us immediately and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Any questions after the sale, please contact us, we will try the best to solve it for you.