CNTs/Carbon Black Conductive Filler

CNTs/Carbon Black Conductive Filler


Product Code: CNB-8-CF-3S


In order to solve the problem of CNTs dispersion , promote the CNTs application in conductive plastics, Timesnano provide the CNTs conductive filler products for plastics,preparaed by electrostatic self-assembly between CNTs and carbon black  (or polystyrene microsphere)


Ingredient CNTs/Carbon Black Chezacarb B
Composition(wt%) 40/60
MWNTs code TNIM4
Appearance Black Powder
Volume resistivity(Ω.cm) <0.01
Refined linseed oil absorption value (ml/100g) 420-440
N2 adsorption specific surface area (m²/g) 540-560
Application General economy


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