CNTs Conductive and Heating Coating/Ink
CNTs Conductive and Heating Coating/Ink

CNTs Conductive and Heating Coating/Ink

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1.Volume resistivity is less than 0.2Ω.cm at 45% CNTs content in coating layer.

2.The coating has strong adhesive force,good elasticity and better flexural resistance.

3. Good properties of resisting heat aging; high power density under safe voltage; excellent heat conduction and thermal radiation ability.

4.Be suitable for roll-to-roll printing.

5.Application prospect in floor heating film, plane heating,etc.




      Product Name CNB-8-TNHC-1 CNB-8-TNHC-2
      Types Carbon nanotube conductive heating coating Carbon nanotube conductive heating ink
      Dring condition Room temperature or 80℃ 3-5 Minutes 130℃,15-20 Minutes
      Coating color Black Black
      Coating volume resistivity Ω.cm@10μm 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2
      Construction method Spraying, roller coating, dip coating, gravure printing 200 mesh silk-screen printing



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