CNTs/PC Masterbatches

CNTs/PC Masterbatches

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Product Code: CNB-8-TNPC


The specimens were made by compression moulding, and its thickness is 1.4mm. The resistivity were measured by four probe method.

  • Decreased risk of chemical contamination
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Lower application amount than carbon black
  • Good for flame retardancy.
Proportion Burning Phenomena Time UL94
A PP 68% FR 32% 1st:flame, non-drops t1<10s V-2
2nd:flame, drops t2<10s
B PP 48% FR 32wt% CB 10wt% 1st:non-flame, non-drops t1>30s NG
2nd:non-flame,non-drops t2>30s
C PP 48% FR 32wt% CNTs 10wt% 1st:non-flame, non-drops t1<1s V-0
2nd:non-flame,non-drops t2<10s

FR: Fire retardant(24%DBDPO+8%Sb2O3)

CB: Carbon black


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