Glassy Carbon Sheet
Glassy Carbon Sheet

Glassy Carbon Sheet

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Product Specifications

Materials: Glassy Carbon

Origin: US, JP

Graphite sheet thickness: 3mm, 2mm, 1mm

The results will be better when use together with our special electrode clamps


Product ID Specifications (mm)   Product ID Specifications (mm)
GC1010-1 10*10*1 GC1515-1 15*15*1
GC1010-2 10*10*2 GC1515-2 15*15*2
GC1010-3 10*10*3 GC1515-3 15*15*3
GC1015-1 10*15*1 GC1520-1 15*20*1
GC1015-2 10*15*2 GC1520-2 15*20*2
GC1015-3 10*15*3 GC1520-3 15*15*3
GC1020-1 10*20*1 GC2020-1 20*20*1
GC1020-2 10*20*2 GC2020-2 20*20*2
GC1020-3 10*20*3 GC2020-3 20*20*3
GC1025-1 10*25*1 GC2525-1 25*25*1
GC1025-2 10*25*2 GC2525-2 25*25*2
GC1025-3 10*25*3 GC2525-3 25*25*3
All sizes are common sizes and can be customized upon request


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