Graphite Powder, MCMB (MesoCarbon MicroBeads), 250g/pack

Graphite Powder, MCMB (MesoCarbon MicroBeads), 250g/pack


Product Code: CNB-9-A05


Appearance: Powder
Application: As conductive material when preparing Li-ion battery Anode
Particle Distribution (μ m):
D10: >6.0
D50: 16.0-19.0
D90: <36.0
Tap Density (g/cm3): ≥1.15
Specific surface area(m2/g): 1.0-2.0
carbon content (%): ≥99.9
H2O (% ): < 0.1
Fe content (ppm): ≤50
Discharge Capacity (mAh/g): ≥335
Coulombic Effienc (% ) ≥92
First Discharge Capacity (mAh/g): 345.2
First Coulombic Effiency (%): 93.40
Shelf life and storage condition
Temperature:25±15℃; Humidity:45±40% One year since its production date.

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