H-type photoelectrochemical cell (single optical window, absolutely sealed), C023-2

H-type photoelectrochemical cell (single optical window, absolutely sealed), C023-2

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  • The optical window of the cell is made of high purity quartz, with a transmittance >95%.
  • The sealed cell is equipped with valves and gas connectors; inlet direction is through the aeration device valve.
  • The sealed cell is vacuumable (below -100Kpa) and can be slightly pressurized up to 0.5MPa for single cell. Jacketed cells cannot be used for pressurization!
  • The working electrode, counter electrode and reference electrode of the cell need to be matched in dimension, inserted through the cover for absolute sealing.
  • The quartz window is easily replaceable and securely sealed using a locking ring.
  • The cathode chamber and the anode chamber are separated by an ion exchange membrane. The two chambers are connected by a flange with chain-type clamp, which is convenient for assembling and disassembling. The reference electrode and the working electrode are in the same chamber, which effectively reduces the reduction in R value.
  • The top electrodes holder is 360-degree rotatable, made of PTFE, allowing precise alignment of electrodes to the optical window, then sealed by tightening the outer cover made of POM material.
  • The cell is equipped with a bubbler that can aerate below the liquid surface, creating different atmospheres for various experiments. For example, straight aeration is used for carbon reduction, and L-type bubbler is used for nitrogen reduction.
  • The cell comes in both single-layer and jacket form. The jacket layer allows a constant temperature through water circulation on top of the single layer design.

All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

Volume (ml)  Single layer Jacketed
30mL 150mL
50mL 200mL
100mL 250mL



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