In situ Raman spectroelectrochemical cell (disk electrode), Model: C031-4

In situ Raman spectroelectrochemical cell (disk electrode), Model: C031-4

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Product Description

The in-situ electrochemical cell is designed for studying the in-situ spectroscopic and morphological changes of electrode materials during electrochemical experiments. Therefore, the working electrode (WE) is positioned directly beneath a transparent viewing window, allowing optical instruments to "see" the working electrode through the upper quartz window. This electrochemical cell comes standard with a 5mm glassy carbon working electrode, a reference electrode, and a counter electrode, suitable for three-electrode experiments. Electrodes of other materials and sizes can be customized as required.

Product Features

  • The main body of this electrochemical cell is made of high quality PEEK material with high purity titanium.
  • The reference electrode for this electrochemical cell is a Ag/AgCl electrode (or Ag/Ag+ ion electrode), and the counter electrode is a platinum wire electrode with a diameter of 1mm.
  • The working electrode of this electrochemical cell is a disc-shaped electrode (such as gold disc, platinum disc, glassy carbon, graphite, thermally treated graphite, etc.). It needs to be purchased separately.
  • The electrochemical cell can be easily filled with electrolyte through injection.
  • This electrochemical cell can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning.
  • The distance between the working electrode and the window is <6mm.
  • The diameter of the window for this electrochemical cell is 25mm
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