Ketjenblack ECP600JD Conductive Carbon Black for Li-ion Battery, 50g

Ketjenblack ECP600JD Conductive Carbon Black for Li-ion Battery, 50g

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Product Code: CNB-9-CA01

Carbon® ECP-600JD is a high-performance super conductive carbon black, with little addition it can achieve a very high conductivity, effectively reduce the internal resistance of the battery, improve the battery performance. In addition, it is close to the conductivity of carbon nanotubes. Compared with carbon nanotubes, the special advantage of Carbon® ECP-600JD is that the metal impurity content is very low (<30ppm), which is helpful to prevent the self-discharge and aging of batteries. As a conductive agent with high efficiency, Carbon® ECP-600JD is especially suitable for consumer batteries, energy storage batteries, super capacitors, etc.



  • Appearance: Black Powder
  • DBP Oil-Absorption: 440-510 ml/100g
  • Moisture <1.0%
  • Density: 17-50 g/cm3
  • Particle diameter >98%
  • Particle diameter >80%



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