Nano-Ceramic Powders-SiC

Nano-Ceramic Powders-SiC


Product Code: CNB-8-CNB-8-TNSiC


1.Large surface area , high surface activity, low loose loading density.
2.Excellent  mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties.
3.High hardness, high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, high thermal conductivity (165 w/M.K), low thermal expansion coefficient and high temperature strength, etc.
Technique Specification Purity Oxygen Content Crystal Phase Average Partical Size Specific Surface Area Loose Loading Density Color
Nano-SiC >97.0% <0.8% Cube 40nm 20-30m2/g 0.05g/cm3 Grey


1.Modifying in high strength nylon material
2.Modification of special engineering plastics(PEEK)
3.The application of nano silicon carbide in rubber tire
4.Metal surface treatment and other materials
5.Application of nano-silicon carbide in the lubricant
6.The application of nano silicon carbide in paint


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