Nano-Ceramic Powders-SiC

Nano-Ceramic Powders-SiC


Product Code: CNB-8-CNB-8-TNSiC


1.Large surface area , high surface activity, low loose loading density.
2.Excellent  mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties.
3.High hardness, high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, high thermal conductivity (165 w/M.K), low thermal expansion coefficient and high temperature strength, etc.
Technique Specification Purity Oxygen Content Crystal Phase Average Particle Size Specific Surface Area Loose Loading Density Color
Nano-SiC >97.0% <0.8% Cube 40nm 20-30m²/g 0.05g/cm³ Grey


1.Modifying in high strength nylon material
2.Modification of special engineering plastics(PEEK)
3.The application of nano silicon carbide in rubber tire
4.Metal surface treatment and other materials
5.Application of nano-silicon carbide in the lubricant
6.The application of nano silicon carbide in paint


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