Nano-Ceramic Powders-TiN

Nano-Ceramic Powders-TiN

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Product Code: CNB-8-TNTiN


1. TiN possesses high purity, small particle size distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, uv shielding is greater than 80%.

2. It has excellent blocking performance, good electrical conductivity, can be used in conductive materials such as molten salt electrolytic and electric contact.
Technique Specification Purity Oxygen Content Crystal Phase Average Particle Size Specific Surface Area Loose Loading Density Color
Nano-TiN >97.0% <1.0% Cube 20nm 80m²/g 0.08g/cm³ Black


1.Nano-TiN application in PET package materials

a. Decrease the molding temperature, save 30% of the energy.

b. Cover yellow light, improve brightness and transparency of products.

c. Improve the ability of the thermal deformation when bottled in high temperature.

2.Enhanced PET engineering plastics

3.High radiance coating

4.Functional fabrics


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