Plate corrosion test cell, C010

Plate corrosion test cell, C010

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  • Cell material: High-purity borosilicate glass.
  • The working electrodes of the electrochemical cell are sheet electrodes, allowing easy sample installation, removal, and handling.
  • The side of the cell features a circular hole with a fixed area of 1 cm² (customizable size upon request) and a sealable O-ring.
  • The conducting connection of the working electrode employs gold-plated copper strips for sample conductivity, providing corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
  • The sample fixation support of the cell is made of 316F stainless steel, combining aesthetics with corrosion resistance.
  • To enhance experimental diffusion, a stirring bar placement is added beneath the cylindrical cell body. Placing the stirring bar in the cell and positioning the cell on a magnetic stirrer achieves magnetic stirring.
  • The counter electrode of the cell is paired with a 20x20 platinum mesh electrode.
  • To optimize experimental results, a dedicated salt bridge (filled with saturated potassium nitrate solution) is provided for the reference electrode.
  • For corrosion experiments it is needed to avoid chloride ions.

All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

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