Rotary Jet-Spinning Set-up
Rotary Jet-Spinning Set-up
Rotary Jet-Spinning Set-up

Rotary Jet-Spinning Set-up

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Rotary jet-spinning setup which consists of spinneret, a motor with controllable rotation speed, a stationary fiber collection framework with adjustable collector distance, and an uplifting air blowing system with controllable air-flow rate. Nanoscale fibers can be collected by the combination of hydrostatic pressure and centrifugal pressure on the volatile polymer solution from the sample reservoir’s orifice in the spinneret. 

Technical Specification:

Materials of spinneret: HDPE

Number of sample reservoirs at spinneret: 4

Materials of stationary fiber collection framework: Stainless steel 304

Min collection distance: 50mm

Max collection distance: 200mm

Height of the collector: Adjustable

Rotation speed: 100rpm to 14000 rpm (subject to motor selection)



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