Nano-Ceramic Powders-Nano-Si3N4

Nano-Ceramic Powders-Nano-Si3N4


Product Code: CNB-8-TNSi3N4


1.Si3N4 possesses high purity, small particle size distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity and low apparent density.

2.Ultraviolet reflectivity is above 90% and the infrared absorption rate is above 97%。It possesses good dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and good resistance to chemical corrosion performance, especially the high temperature strength.

3.This product could be applied to lubricating oil because of its well self-lubrication performance.

Technique Specification Purity Oxygen Content Crystal Phase Average Partical Size Specific Surface Area Loose Loading Density Color
Nano-Si3N4 >97.0% <0.2% Amorphous 25nm 115m2/g 0.05g/cm3 White


1.Manufacturing ceramic devices with precision structural.

2.Manufacturing high performance composite materials.

3.Application of nano-Si3N4 in advanced wear proof rubber.

4.Nano Si3N4 powder can enhance nylon, polyester conductive performance.

5.Silicon nitride nano-modified plastic wire spool.


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