Nano-Ceramic Powders-Nano-Si3N4

Nano-Ceramic Powders-Nano-Si3N4

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Product Code: CNB-8-TNSi3N4


1.Si3N4 possesses high purity, small particle size distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, and low apparent density.

2.Ultraviolet reflectivity is above 90% and the infrared absorption rate is above 97%。 It possesses good dimensional stability, high mechanical strength, and good resistance to chemical corrosion performance, especially the high-temperature strength.

3.This product could be applied to lubricating oil because of its well self-lubrication performance.

Technique Specification Purity Oxygen Content Crystal Phase Average Particle Size Specific Surface Area Loose Loading Density Color
Nano-Si3N4 >97.0% <0.2% Amorphous 25nm 115m²/g 0.05g/cm³ White


1.Manufacturing ceramic devices with precision structural.

2.Manufacturing high-performance composite materials.

3.Application of nano-Si3N4 in advanced wear-proof rubber.

4.Nano Si3N4 powder can enhance nylon, polyester conductive performance.

5.Silicon nitride nano-modified plastic wire spool.


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