Spherical corrosion test cell, C009

Spherical corrosion test cell, C009

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  • The electrolytic cell features an adjustable-angle salt bridge (Luggin capillary) for more effective reduction of R drop by aligning the reference electrode with the corrosion sample.
  • To avoid chloride ions during corrosion experiments, the salt bridge contains a saturated potassium nitrate solution.
  • The working electrode of the electrolytic cell comes with a sample support electrode for customizable sample replacement. Sample diameter: 15mm, fixed area: 1 cm².
  • Configuration: electrolytic cell body, F-type inlet, salt bridge, liquid seal, PTFE plug, sample support, reference electrode, graphite rod electrode.
  • The cell body is made of high-purity borosilicate glass.
  • This relatively sealed electrolytic cell system is commonly used in 3-electrode setups, with a standard volume of 500ml to 1000ml, adjustable as needed.
  • Equipped with an F-type inlet for ventilation above and below the liquid surface, providing different atmosphere protection levels as required. Stop ventilation under the liquid surface when the experiment begins, maintaining only surface ventilation.
  • Application scope: Suitable for testing and determining metal samples in corrosive environments, ensuring rapid and consistent testing of a group of metal samples in liquid environments. Compatible with most electrochemical instruments for corrosion tests, usable at room and elevated temperatures in corrosive environments (excluding HF).

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