Lithium Titanate(Li4Ti5O12) Powder, 150g/pack

Lithium Titanate(Li4Ti5O12) Powder, 150g/pack

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Product Code: CNB-9-A09


D10 (μm):0.1~0.4
D50 (μm): 0.5~1.0
D90 (μm): ≤ 5.0
Tested by Laser Particle Size Analyzer
pH value: ≤11.50 Tested by pH meter
Tap Density (g/cm3): ≥ 1.0 Tested by Tap Density Meter
BET (m2/g): 2.0~6.0 Tested by Specific Surface Instrμment
Ti (%): 50.14~52.14 Tested by Aluminum reduction method
Li (%): 5.80~6.70
Fe (%) ≤0.03
Na (%) ≤0.03
Cu (%) ≤0.03
Tested by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Inductively Coupled Plasma
H2O (%) ≤0.2 Tested by Coulometric KF Titrator

Electrical property
First discharge capacity (mAh/g): ≥ 165
0.8-2.7V, 0.1C Constant current charge and discharge
First discharge efficiency(%): ≥ 90

Storage: Temperature≤30℃, RH≤60%


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