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Customer Testimonials


Dr Sun Libo(Research Fellow)

Cambridge Centre For Advanced Research and Education In Singapore Ltd. & Nanyang Technological University Research Direction: Electrocatalytic Chemistry and DFT calculation.

They are great partners to our lab. They could provide very reliable, friendly and helpful service. We enjoy collabrating with them.


Frank Meng Shize(Project Officer)

School of Material Science Engineering, Nanyang Technological University In charge of collaborative research with industries. Operation of advanced materials characterisation.

Working in the lab, there is a lot of time when you need help in customizing your experiments. Ever since I found ANR, they have been the go-to vendor for me when it comes to designing my experiments. They are user-centric, and with their prior knowledge in lab works, they gave me great suggestions on how to create my setups. They are reliable and always delivers timely for me to complete my objective. I am confident in my work because I have a reliable vendor that provides me with the devices I need for my work. I believe in the values that ANR stands for, and I am glad they have kept to their level of service supporting us, researchers.

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