XPS Perkin Elmer
Structural Analysis, Elemental Analysis, Organic Composition
Shimadzu AXIS Ultra DLD
Thermo Fisher Scientific ESCALAB 250Xi
Thermo Scientific K-Alpha
XRD Agilent gemini e Structural and Composition Analysis, Elemental Analysis, Crystaline Structure
APEXII, D2 PHASER, D8 Advance, D8 Advance Davinci, Smart Apex 2, Kappa Apex Duo
MAC Science Ltd M21X VAHF
Malvern PhilipsX‘PERT MRD
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation AutoChemiⅡ2920
Panalytical X'Pert Pro
D-MAX 2500/PC, DMAX-RB, RA-Micro, Smartlab, UItima-IV-185, Ultima IV, Ultimate IV D/max-r A
XRF Bruker S4 Pioneer Composition Analysis, Elemental Analysis, Chemical Analysis
Edinburgh Instruments FLSP920
Hitachi F-7000
HORIBA FluoroLog-3
Malvern Panalytical AxiosMAX
NA X3680
Panalytical PW-2400
ZSX Primu 2, ZSX PrimusII
XRF-1800, XRF1800
SHIMADZUShimadzu XRF-1800
Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL Advant’X Intellipower™ 3600
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