Buy from any vendor, anywhere.

ANR opens up the world to you, giving you unlimited choices and price options. We can advise you on the most suitable products because we have the means and connections to make it happen.
Micro-vendors at your fingertips
Buy from any vendor, anywhere.

Through ANR's Buy-For-Lab service, you will be able to purchase from micro-vendors, such as AMAZON sellers, who are unwilling or unable to attain registered vendor status with your institution. Buy-for-Lab opens up the entire world's products to you, giving you unlimited choices and price options to choose from. The freedom to purchase from any vendor in the world is within your grasp!

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Delivery Speed no longer tied to proximity
Urgent Purchase? Go Global!

In today's hyperconnected world of next-day deliveries, overseas vendors can deliver your purchases faster than local distributors. You are no longer bound to local vendors for urgent orders. In fact, ANR's Buy-For-Lab customers have been ordering from overseas vendors for their urgent purchases, delivered into their hands at a fraction of the time and cost of local providers. Start your experiments sooner and publish productively!

Purchasing from online micro-sellers can cause anxiety
Buy-for-Lab = Peace of Mind.

Purchasing from overseas micro-vendors are fraught with risks. If you don't speak the language, verifying what you purchased can be frustrating. There is always the risk that the vendor does not accept your available payment options. Items might arrive damaged, and the vendor becomes unresponsive. Your item could be confiscated or fined by the immigration authorities due to improper declarations. Put your mind at ease and let ANR handle everything for you. Just tell us what to purchase, and we will do the rest!

4 Steps of ANR's Buy-for-Lab Service

1. Opt-in to our service.

We will create a customized Buy-for-Lab form specially for you! Fill in your purchase details such as Item quantity, URL of vendor, special instructions, etc.

2. Generating a Quotation.

Submit the quotation to your purchasing department. Once we receive your Purchase Order, we will purchase your items on your behalf. You can then start to track your item's shipping status.

3. Quality Checks & Re-packaging

When your item arrives at ANR's fulfilment center, we will check your items and re-package if necessary. Our fulfilment team will contact the vendors if there are damaged items and we will keep you promptly informed.

4. Delivery and Fulfilment

ANR's fulfilment team are happy to deliver your purchases into your hands and you can proceed with your experiments immediately.

Opt-in NOW to purchase from micro-vendors, experience faster delivery and peace-of-mind with our Buy-for-Lab services!

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