For scientists, by scientists.


We give you fast, reliable, and cost-effective access to materials, tools, and equipment, and we do it all under one roof to radically simplify and reduce coordination work.

As former researchers, we know how specific and urgent every project is, which is why our work is guided by the mantra make no breakthrough wait. 

Our background also makes us the right partners for complex requirements. From designing a research approach to customising equipment (even the kind no one’s ever seen), our experience makes unlimited scientific solutions possible.

At the heart of it, we provide what we needed all those years ago: lab support services so efficient and complete, they maximise time and funding, remove obstacles between you and your research goals, and accelerate scientific discovery.


Team ANR

These dedicated professionals combine knowledge in the field of materials, pragmatic problem-solving, and a sterling academic background, with more than half the team holding post-graduate degrees.

Our Team at ANR