2H type replaceable membrane electrochemical cell (relatively sealed), C007-1

2H type replaceable membrane electrochemical cell (relatively sealed), C007-1

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  • The cell is made of high purity borosilicate glass.
  • Electrodes need to be the longer type based on dimension of the cell.
  • The single-layer cell body of the electrochemical cell has an overhead layer design, which effectively breaks the solution hiding.
  • This cell is often used in a 3-electrode system, with a customizable volume of 30ml to 500ml.
  • The electrochemical cell is relatively sealed. The cathode chamber and the anode chamber are separated by an ion membrane (prepared by the user). The two chambers are sealed and connected by a chain, which is convenient for replacing the diaphragm.
  • The reference electrode and the working electrode are in the same chamber to effectively reduce R drop.
  • The glass sealing part of the cell is designed with an external threaded port. The top electrodes holder is 360-degree rotatable, made of PTFE, allowing precise alignment of electrodes to the optical window, then sealed by tightening the outer cover made of POM material.
  • Electrode area seals via O-rings and screws.
  • The electrochemical cell is equipped with a bubbler that can aerate below the liquid surface, creating different atmospheres for various experiments.

 All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

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Volume (ml)

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