Al-Clad 2032 Coin Cell Case for > 4.5V Li-ion Battery, 50pcs/pack

Al-Clad 2032 Coin Cell Case for > 4.5V Li-ion Battery, 50pcs/pack

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Product Code: CNB-9-CC03

This is a special 2032 button battery case, which is coated with a layer of aluminum inside the positive electrode case. The electrolyte (especially the electrolyte in LiPF6) will form an AlF3 layer with the aluminum layer, so that the battery can withstand higher voltage polarization (up to 5.5V). The thickness of the AlF3 layer is in the range of a few Angstroms, allowing The passage of electrons prevents free Al3 + from entering the electrolyte.


Battery shell material: SS304 stainless steel

  • The inner layer of the positive case is coated with an Aluminum layer, which can prevent the electrolyte from reacting with the stainless steel shell at higher voltage (> 4.5V)
  • Negative case: 304 stainless steel, with an insulating ring embedded
  • Dimensions (Dia X H): 20mm x 3.2mm
  • Since the positive battery case is coated with a layer of Aluminum, for the exploration of new lithium batteries, the charging voltage can reach 5.5V.



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