Aluminum Mesh Foil, 290mm (width) x 15μm (thickness), 1kg

Aluminum Mesh Foil, 290mm (width) x 15μm (thickness), 1kg

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Product Code: CNB-9-AF01


For this new type of current collector, secondary processing is on the basis of the original lithiμm battery foil. Using of mechanical processing to make holes can maximize the physical and chemical properties of the foil itself. Mesh Aluminum foil is 17% less weight than solid foil and can accept more electrode materials.

Material: Alμminiμm, Purity> 99.99%
Length: ~100 meter
Width: 290mm (260mm mesh pattern area and 15mm flat margin on each side)
Thickness: 15 μm
Pore Size: 0.25mm
Spacing: 0.8mm


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