BET Adsorption Testing

BET Adsorption Testing

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BET (Brunauer–Emmett–Teller) specific surface area test method is used to measure specific surface area of materials. 

Equipment Micromeritics (USA), ASAP2020; Tristar 3020 M
Application Specific surface area, pore volume, pore size, and nitrogen adsorption and desorption curves of nanomaterials, porous materials and catalysts, etc.
Test Scope

Surface Area Analysis (N2 is the default 

Micro-porosity Analysis (0.5-2 nm)

Meso-porosity Analysis (2-50 nm)

Total porosity Analysis (0.5-50 nm)

Adsorption capacity test (N2,Ar,CO2,H2,O2,CH4)

Sample Requirement

Sample should be dry.

Powder: >0.2g (weight)

Film: <0.5*0.5 cm² (dimension)

Particle: Φ>0.2 mm (particle diameter)

Lead Time 

5-10 working days


ISO 9277:2010(en) Determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas adsorption — BET method





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