CNTs Static Conductive/Conductive Water-based Coating
CNTs Static Conductive/Conductive Water-based Coating

CNTs Static Conductive/Conductive Water-based Coating

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To meet conducting electrostatic and conductive requirements on plastic surface, CNTs static conductive/conductive water-based coating is developed and can be applied in plastic based material like PET, PC, ABS, HIPS, PA, PVC, silica gel and so on as Water-based conductive /electrostatic coating. Custom processing can be made according to the base material provided by the customer and different electrical conductivity. The coating can be used in fields like electronic packaging, plastic sheets, oil storage and transportation pipeline equipment to effectively prevent electrostatic hazards, etc. 

  1. Square resistance value: 101 ~ 1012 Ω/sq.  It is adjustable; 
  2. Water-based coatings, safe and environmental; 
  3. The coating construction is convenient, and the coating is suitable for spraying, roller coating, dip coating, and gravure printing.
  4. Ink product, which is suitable for silk screen printing process, can be provided.


    Product Code CNB-8-TNEC-1 CNB-8-TNEC-2
    Coating Type CNTs static conductive coating CNTs conductive coating
    Drying condition Room temperature or 80℃ 3-5 Minutes Room temperature or 80℃ 3-5 Minutes
    Coating color Black Black
    Square resistance value Ω/sq 10^6 -10^8 10^1 - 10^2
    Volume resistivity Ω.cm@10μm 10^3 -10^5 0.1-0.2
    Construction method Spraying, roller coating, dip coating, gravure printing


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