CNTs Transparent Static Conductive Water-based Coating
CNTs Transparent Static Conductive Water-based Coating

CNTs Transparent Static Conductive Water-based Coating

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CNTs, with small diameter and high conductivity, is the ideal functional filler in transparent static conductive coating.

  1. The water dispersion of small diameter MWCNTs is used as the conductive function of the coating and the water based polyurethane resin emulsion is used as film forming material. Coating performance additives and coating construction additives are also used.
  2. Because the conductive network of the carbon nanotube is strong in anti deformation, the coating is suitable for electrostatic protection of plastic plastic suction sheet and its conductive performance is very stable.
  3. Due to the stable physical and chemical properties of carbon nanotubes, this coating has permanent anti-static function and the conductive properties will not decay.

Product characteristics

  1. High conductive stability
  2. Strong product economy
  3. Aqueous products are more environmentally friendly than oily products

Range of use

Sheet for plastic suction and antistatic tray, ESD protective film and adhesive tape

Coating method

  1. According to user’s requirements for transparent conductivity, the coating can be used directly or used
    after diluted 1-3 times with DI water.
  2. This coating is suitable for gravure printing, roller coating, spray coating and dip coating.
  3. Drying conditions: 70-80 c * 2min hot air drying
  4. Recommended wet film thickness:10-12μm;Construction dosage recommendation: 200m2/kg.


Product Model CNB-8-TNTC-1 CNB-8-TNTC-2
Carbon nanotubes type Multi-walled CNT Single-walled CNT
Coating Type Usual transmittance High transmittance
Surface resistance (Ω) 100μm PET substrate 10^5-10^6, 60-70% 10^5-10^6, 75-85%
Square resistance value Ω/sq 10^6 -10^8 10^1 - 10^2
Solid of coating (%) 5 5


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