Cylindrical quartz electrochemical cell (absolutely sealed), C015-2

Cylindrical quartz electrochemical cell (absolutely sealed), C015-2

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  • Cell body fused entirely with quartz, without any adhesives.
  • Quartz of the cell provides over 95% light transmittance.
  • The cell's lid is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • The electrochemical cell is equipped with gas inlet and outlet devices.
  • It can use Ag/AgCl as reference electrode (diameter of 3.8mm), platinum wire as counter electrode (diameter of 0.5mm), and glassy carbon as working electrode (diameter of 3mm).
  • The working electrode of the electrochemical cell can also be replaced with a 3mm diameter gold disc, platinum disc or other electrodes according to requirements.
  • Electrodes for the cell need separate purchase.
  • The electrochemical cell is sealed system.
  • The quartz sealing part of the electrochemical cell adopts a flange design, and the cover made of PTFE is screwed up and down, and the sealing ring is squeezed to seal.
  • The electrodes of the electrochemical cell are plugged in and out through the earphone jack on the cover, so that the electrode system is absolutely sealed.


Volume (ml) OD (mm) ID (mm) H (mm)
20mL 42 38 26


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