Elemental Analysis - TOC

Elemental Analysis - TOC

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Shimadzu (TOC-L)


TOC (Total organic carbon) is suspended and the total amount of water soluble organic compounds containing carbon, is a quick test comprehensive indicator of water quality, which represents the total amount of organic substance-containing water to the amount of carbon.

Data of total organic carbon and total nitrogen in the aqueous solution can be obtained by combustion catalysis and infrared absorption detection, and data of total inorganic carbon and total carbon in the water can also be obtained. It is used in surface water total organic carbon detection, pure water detection, environmental related water quality monitoring, organic pollutant detection and total control in industrial wastewater, so it is used as an important reference index for evaluating the degree of organic matter pollution in water bodies.

Total nitrogen, or TN for short, is one of the important indicators to measure water quality. Total nitrogen is defined as the total amount of inorganic and organic nitrogen in water. Comprising NO3- , NO2- and NH4+, etc. and inorganic nitrogen proteins, amino acids and other organic nitrogen and organic amines, a nitrogen-containing water to the number of milligrams per liter. It is often used to indicate the extent of water pollution by nutrients.

Test items:
Total Organic Carbon (TOC): Supports liquid (automatic injection) and solid powder samples (manual injection)

Total nitrogen test (TN): only supports liquid (automatic sampling). Note: The liquid sampling mode, the instrument automatically detects twice, if the difference is not large, the average value is taken, otherwise, the third test is performed, and the data with the largest difference is removed for the average calculation.


  • Adopt 680℃ fixed temperature catalytic combustion oxidation method
  • High sensitivity NDIR (non-dispersive infrared detector) combined with large sample volume combustion system can detect TOC below 10μg/L 
  • Multi functional automatic sampling system (composed of eight-way valve and syringe)
  • Detection limit: 4μg/L


Requirement on Sample

TOC samples can be water samples or solid powder samples, TN samples must be water samples. (Water sample needs 16-20mL, solid powder needs 100mg), in order to ensure the test effect, please try to provide 20mL.

There are no obvious particles and a large amount of inorganic salts. Solid powder samples need to be dried. The finer the particle size, the better.

The concentration of 16mL liquid sample should not be less than 10mg/L,the concentration of the blank sample is about 0.4mg/L. In order to ensure the test effect, please try to prepare according to this standard. If it is less than 16ml, please dilute it.



Can you get a curve diagram/graph of the test?

- No, because the principle of the test is to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide after burning. It cannot be related to time, but the final data is obtained.


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