Flow Display Controller (AST10-XSA)

Flow Display Controller (AST10-XSA)

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- High-precision pulse width modulation , optional 1~4 channels of combined chassis

- Provide working power for mass flow controllers or flow meters

- Manual operation control for flow setting

- Display of gas flow

- Can be used in conjunction with other models of mass flow controllers

- Wide voltage range, anti-interference ability by CE certification

AST10-XSA type flow indicator is used to provide working power for mass flow meter / mass flow controller, flow setting (manual operation control), the flow indicator is directly connected with the mass flow controller produced by our company (AST10 series) (MFC) supporting use. It can also be used in conjunction with other models of mass flow controllers. They may be connected up to four MFC , and each have their brightest display. Easy to use, optional embedded / desktop installation, exquisite and beautiful.
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Power supply)
165V ac ~ 265V
Output voltage (used by MFC)
+15V ± 3% , -15V ± 3%
Input / output signal
DC 0~5V , 4~20 mA optional
Display unit
SCCM (standard ml/min): SLM (standard l/min)
External control
Cleaning / closing
Display characteristics
One way display, two way display, three way display, four way display
Single channel: 96 X 96 X 173mm , multi-channel: 483 X 140 X 210mm
Hole Size
Single channel: 92 X 92 mm , multi-channel: 442 X 124 mm
Datum source
+5.00V 5mA
Maximum power consumption
Maximum power consumption: single channel 15W, multi-channel 45W
Single channel: 1Kg, multi-channel: maximum 7.5kg
Serial Number
AST10-XSA flow display controller
Product type
[01] Single channel
[02] Two channels
[03] Three channels
[04] Four channels
Valve control function
[01] Yes
[02] None
Input / output signal
[V] 0~5VDC
[A] 4~20mA
Chassis type
[T] Desktop
[P] Plate
Selection examples
AST10-XSA 04 01 V T

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