Flow Display Controller (AST10-XSD)

Flow Display Controller (AST10-XSD)

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- Fully digital instrument, Chinese or English display, manual or automatic valve control, flow totalization, 1~4 channels optional

- 7 inch monochrome STN LCD with backlight

- Can be used with multiple types of MFC/MFM or PLC (modbus protocol)

- Multi-channel on-screen display and single-channel multi-parameter display

- With alarm list function, and display alarm information line by line

- The software can be customized, and the keys can be defined as function keys

- Accumulation function and password protection function


AST10-XSD flow computer directly accepts digital signals, which is superior to conventional secondary instruments using analog signals in accuracy / anti-interference ability / signal transmission distance.

AST10-XSD is a full-featured flow computer, which integrates all functions of manual operator, display, and totalizer. It can input 1-4 flow signals, and users can customize special software.

The large screen display and ultra-thin (43 mm thickness) structure make it easy to install AST10-XSD on various devices.

Technical Parameters (Display - Types of)
Blue LCD
Technical Parameters (Display - Service life)
More than 20000 hours, ambient temperature 45 degrees, 24 hours operation
Technical Parameters (Display - Display area)
Technical Parameters (Display - brightness)
Technical Parameters (Display - Text settings)
Simplified Chinese / English
Technical Parameters (Display - Character size)
Dot matrix font vector font
Technical Parameters (Display - button)
Technical Parameters (Memory - Picture)
64KB FlashROM
Technical Parameters (Memory - data)
Technical Parameters (interface - Download port)
Technical Parameters (interface - Communication port)
The RS485, MODBUS protocol connection DB9 needle
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Power supply)
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Current consumption)
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Allow power loss)
Below 10mS (the actual power loss is less than 1 second)
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Anti-voltage shock)
AC1000V , 10 mA less than 1 minute
Technical Parameters (Electrical characteristics - Insulation resistance)
10M or more, DC500V
Technical Parameters (surroundings - Operating temperature)
0-50 degrees
Technical Parameters (surroundings - storage temperature)
-20-60 degrees
Technical Parameters (surroundings - Operating humidity)
10% RH to 90% RH (no condensation)
Technical Parameters (surroundings - Anti-interference ability)
Interference air pressure: 1500 Vp-p , pulse period: 1uS , duration: 1 minute
Technical Parameters (surroundings - air)
No corrosive gas
Technical Parameters (structure - cooling method)
Natural air cooling
Technical Parameters (structure- External scale)
Technical Parameters (structure - Panel cutout size)
Serial Number
AST10- XSD flow computer
Product type
[01] Single channel
[02] Two channels
[03] Three channels
[04] Four channels
Electric power source
[D] 24 VDC
Selection examples
AST10- XSD 04 D

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