Full PTFE H-type replaceable membrane photoelectrochemical cell,  C032-1

Full PTFE H-type replaceable membrane photoelectrochemical cell, C032-1

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  • The working electrode, counter electrode, and reference electrode need to be matched accordingly
  • The body material of this electrolytic cell is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • It is commonly used in a three-electrode system, with volumes of 25ml and 40ml, and customization is available based on requirements.
  • It is a relatively sealed system, where the cathode chamber (working electrode) and anode chamber (reference electrode) are isolated by an ion-exchange membrane (can be purchased separately). The two chambers are sealed using through-hole screws, facilitating membrane and reference electrode replacement in the same chamber, effectively reducing resistance (R-drop).
  • The sealing of the electrode part is accomplished on a PTFE plug, with sealing screws compressing an O-ring.
  • It is equipped with an aeration device that allows for gas inlet below the liquid level. Different shapes of aeration devices are chosen based on the specific experiment, such as using a straight-type aeration for carbon reduction and an L-shaped aeration for nitrogen reduction.
  • It is also possible to add a window for light transmission to this electrolytic cell.



All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

Volume (ml)



25mL (with optical window)

40mL (with optical window)


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