Full PTFE plate/sheet electrochemical cell, C030

Full PTFE plate/sheet electrochemical cell, C030

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  • The electrolytic cell uses PTFE material.
  • It consists of two layers: the upper layer is the cell body, and the lower layer is the fixed pad.
  • The cell secures the working electrode sample by tightening screws around it.
  • The working electrode in this cell is a sheet-like sample, allowing easy installation, removal, and handling.
  • This cell is used for electrochemical experiments before electron microscopy scans or for testing coating corrosion performance.
  • The bottom of the cell has a circular hole with a fixed area of 1 square centimeter (customizable as needed). A sealing O-ring is used to place the sample in the hole. By adjusting the top screws, the working sample is pressed to achieve a sealing effect.
  • The working electrode's conductivity is achieved using copper tape attached to the working sample.
  • Copper tape is easy to use, replace after corrosion, and ensures better conductivity.
  • Copper tape: Must be purchased separately.
  • Reference electrode: Ag/AgCl, saturated calomel (purchased separately).
  • Counter electrode: Platinum rod, platinum sheet (purchased separately).
  • Working electrode: Test sample (provided by user).
  • Using this cell with an electrode holder (under accessory) for more stability


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