Graphene Film on Quartz Substrates (Few Layer)

Graphene Film on Quartz Substrates (Few Layer)



  • We can also transfer graphene film to any quartz substrates customers provide.
  • Quartz Parameters: Disc and Rectangle.
  • Thickness: 3 mm and 1 mm.
  • The layer of few-layer graphene is less than ten.
  • We can also provide customization services.
    Size Product Model
    1cm*1cm (3mm) CNB-8-TNFQF1A
    1cm*1cm (1mm) CNB-8-TNFQF1B
    2cm*2cm (3mm) CNB-8-TNFQF2A
    2cm*2cm (1mm) CNB-8-TNFQF2B
    5cm*5cm (3mm) CNB-8-TNFQF5A
    5cm*5cm (1mm) CNB-8-TNFQF5B





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