Exchangeable Membrane H-Type Electrolytic Cell (30ml) C007-1

Exchangeable Membrane H-Type Electrolytic Cell (30ml) C007-1

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The working electrode, auxiliary electrode, and reference electrode of the electrolytic cell can be matched as required, and the matched electrodes must be lengthened. The cell body of the electrolytic cell is made of high borosilicate glass and most of the single-layer cell body has an overhead layer design, which effectively eliminates remnant solution. 

This electrolytic cell is often used in a three-electrode system. The volume of the electrolytic cell ranges from 30ml to 500ml, and it can also be customized according to requirements. The electrolytic cell is a relatively sealed electrolytic cell system. The cathode chamber (working electrode) and the anode chamber (reference electrode) are separated by an ionic membrane (provided by the user). The two chambers are sealed and linked by a chain, which facilitates the replacement of the diaphragm, reference electrode and working electrode.

The glass seal of the electrolytic cell is designed with an external threaded port, and the inner core is made of PTFE, so that the electrode accurately conforms to the channel (generally the electrode is parallel to the membrane), and the POM material outer cover is tightened for a good seal.

The electrode part of the electrolytic cell is sealed on the PTFE plug, and the sealing effect is achieved by squeezing the O ring with the sealing screw. The electrolytic cell is equipped with an aeration device that can be ventilated below the liquid surface, and the conditions are carried out according to different experiments, such as straight aeration for carbon reduction and L-type aeration for nitrogen reduction.


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