In situ infrared Li-ion testing cell, Model: B-IFA
In situ infrared Li-ion testing cell, Model: B-IFA

In situ infrared Li-ion testing cell, Model: B-IFA

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Product Description

  • Infrared window material: Single crystal silicon. 
  • Body material: High-purity titanium.
  • Body dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 20mm.
  • Crystal: Si (Among the conventional infrared window materials Ge, ZnSe, and Si, due to Ge's relative reactivity, Cu and Ag thin-film electrodes on Ge columns typically obtain suitable electrochemical responses in the negative direction at open-circuit potential. During positive potential scans, the high anodic current of the Ge substrate obscures the electrochemical response of the metal electrode, leading to detachment of the metal film. Similarly, ZnSe is unstable in acidic and alkaline solutions, making it unsuitable as a window material for electrochemical ATR-SEIRAS.) 
  • This electrochemical cell adjusts load via a spring to ensure close contact between the test cell's positive and negative electrode samples and the membrane. Double O-ring seals guarantee cell body sealing, maintaining excellent sealing and assembly reproducibility both after assembly in a glovebox and subsequent removal in a normal environment.

Attachment Add On 

Variable incidence angle optical stage.

  • Offers continuous variable incidence angles and a variety of crystal plates for selective depth control.
  • High throughput (over 50% with 45-degree ZnSe crystal), minimizing sampling time and enabling detection of components in low-concentration complex samples.
  • Continuous adjustable angles from -30 to 80 degrees. 
  • Ideal choice of penetration depth from 0.4 to 46 micrometers for in-depth analysis.
  • High throughput for high-quality spectra.

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