In situ Raman two-electrode battery testing cell, Model: B002-RM

In situ Raman two-electrode battery testing cell, Model: B002-RM

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Study real-time changes in electrode materials' spectroscopy and morphology.

  • Material: Constructed from high-purity Titanium.
  • Electrodes: Contains both positive and negative electrodes, separated by user-provided membrane.
  • Sealing: Shows excellent sealing and reproducible assembly.
  • Load Adjustment: Load can be modified using spring mechanism.
  • Connection: Links to charge/discharge device for battery cycling and characterization.
  • Airtightness: Achieved by simply tightening the screw with O-ring.
  • Versatility: Usable outdoors after glovebox assembly.
  • Disassembly: Easily disassembled without sample damage post charging/discharging.
  • Convenience: Swift assembly/disassembly aids cleaning.
  • Proximity: Working electrode to optical window distance < 2mm.
  • Window Diameter: Optical window diameter measures 8mm.
  • Size: Cell size is 50(L) x 50(W) x 20mm(H).

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