Purified SWCNTs,>90wt%

Purified SWCNTs,>90wt%


Product Code: CNB-8-TNS

TimestubTM --Purified Single-walled carbon nanotubes---There are three kinds of products in this catalog: TNS, TNSH and TNSC. TNS is produced by methane decomposition over Co-based catalyst first, then experienced air oxidation to remove the amorphous carbon. TNSH and TNSC are TNS hydroxyl and carboxyl derivates, respectively. They are produced by KMnO4 oxidation in H2SO4 solution at different temperature and KMnO4 concentration.


True density: ~2.1 g/cm3

Property Unit SWCNTs-TNS Method of Measurement
OD nm 1-2 HRTEM,Raman
Purity wt% >90 TGA & TEM
Length microns 5-30 TEM
SSA m²/g >380 BET
EC s/cm >100
Tap Density g/cm³ 0.14
Ig/Id -- >9 Raman
OD=Outer Diameter ID=Inner Diameter SSA=Special Surface Area


Components Contents (%)
Co 0.38
Mo 0.32
Mg 0.61
O 2.36


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