Single-cell full PTFE photoelectrochemical cell (absolutely sealed, bracket type), C026-4

Single-cell full PTFE photoelectrochemical cell (absolutely sealed, bracket type), C026-4

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  • The window of the cell is made of quartz glass with a transparency of over 95%.
  • The working electrode can use non-standard sample pieces, but they need to cover the hole with fixed area, which is 1cm2 (customization is available).
  • The electrochemical cell is screwed into the back screw to withstand the working sample, and the working electrode is used to press the positioning hole to achieve the sealing of the cell body.
  • It achieves sealing by rotating the back screws to press and tighten the working sample piece to the fixed area holes.
  • The counter electrode and reference electrode of this electrolytic cell can be matched as needed, with a diameter of 6mm for the electrode rods, all of which must be of an extended type. Electrodes need to be purchased separately.
  • This cell is commonly used in three-electrode systems, with volumes ranging from 30ml to 500ml. Customization is available based on requirements.
  • The top electrodes holder is 360-degree rotatable, made of PTFE, allowing precise alignment of electrodes with the optical channels (generally parallel to the optical window).
  • The electrochemical cell is equipped with a bubbler that can aerate below the liquid surface, creating different atmospheres for various experiments.
  • The cell's quartz plate is removable for quick replacement.


All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

Volume (ml)   Volume (ml)
50mL 200mL
100mL 250mL
150mL 500mL


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