Square quartz electrochemical cell (sealed), C012-2

Square quartz electrochemical cell (sealed), C012-2

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  • The electrochemical cell is improved on the basis of C012-1, adding a sealing cover to the cell body to achieve the sealing effect.
  • The cell is made of highly transparent quartz.
  • The transmittance of the electrochemical cell > 95%.
  • The electrochemical cell is fabricated and polished from one piece, not glued nor formed
  • The maximum temperature of the electrochemical cell is 900°C. If the cell body is heated and sterilized, please separate the cover from the cell body.
  • The cover of the electrochemical cell is PTFE.
  • The electrochemical cell can add sand core salt bridge or Luggin capillary salt bridge.

All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.

No. L*W*H (mm)   No. L*W*H (mm)
1 30*30*40 4 60*60*60
2 40*50*60 5 50*50*60 with integrated mixer
3 50*50*50


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