Thin-film spectro-electrochemical cell (sealed), C013-2

Thin-film spectro-electrochemical cell (sealed), C013-2

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  • The cell is made of all-quartz fused and polished, transparent on all sides.
  • The optical window of the electrochemical cell is made of quartz, with a high transmittance >95%.
  • The cover is made of PTFE.
  • The matching electrode of the electrochemical cell is the Ag/AgCl reference electrode (diameter of 3.8mm), the platinum wire counter electrode (diameter of 0.5mm), and the platinum mesh working electrode (6*7mm).
  • The working electrode of the electrochemical cell can also be replaced with a glassy carbon or gold disk with a diameter of 3mm according to requirements.
  • The light path dimension of electrochemical cell is 8*6.5*1.5mm.

Volume (ml)


Light Path dimension 8*6.5*1mm


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