Traditional five-port electrochemical cell, C004

Traditional five-port electrochemical cell, C004

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  • The cell is made of high purity borosilicate glass.
  • Configuration: cell body, F-type inlet pipe, salt bridge, liquid seal, PTFE plug.
  • Electrodes need to be the longer type based on dimension of the cell.
  • This electrochemical cell is commonly used in 3-electrode system, and can also be customized according to requirements.
  • The electrochemical cell is available as a conical bottomed cell with a volume between 5 and 25 ml.
  • The electrochemical cell fits with the inverted cone cover through the frosted mouth, so that the pool and the cover are sealed.
  • Electrode area seals via O-rings and screws.
  • The electrochemical cell is equipped with a salt bridge, which makes the reference electrode and the working electrode closer, effectively reducing the resistance.
  • The electrochemical cell is equipped with an F-type air inlet pipe that can ventilate above and below the liquid surface, and the atmosphere protection is carried out according to different experiments. When the experiment starts, please stop the ventilation under the liquid surface and only keep the ventilation on the liquid surface.
  • The electrochemical cell is a relatively sealed system. If it is used with a rotating disk electrode, the sealing effect cannot be achieved. At this time, the ventilation volume on the liquid surface should be increased for atmosphere protection.
  • The electrochemical cell comes in both single-layer and jacket form. The jacket layer allows a constant temperature through water circulation on top of the single layer design.

 All sizes listed are common sizes, can be customized according to requirements.


Volume (ml)


Volume (ml)

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